Grief Help and Funeral Planning Information

Who Should Record my Funeral Wishes?

There is a woman who once thought that she’d like to have a hologram made of her wearing an Obi-Wan Kenobi robe for her funeral. Her four sons grew up during the Star Wars era and similar to Obi-Wan, she […]

Get Your Family Involved in Funeral Planning

When death is near or has just occurred, there are so many things to do and yet there is nothing you can do. You feel helpless. You can’t make the person well or bring them back.  But you know you […]

Control Funeral Costs by Planning Ahead

  How does planning for your funeral in advance save you money? Doesn’t it just let the funeral home make money on your money? How big a part should emotion play in your funeral selections?   First, let’s be honest. […]

Do You Have Misconceptions About Trusts?

Planning for the passing of a loved one is a major step in life, and our staff at Gilbert Memorial Park take that very seriously. We sometimes find that our clients have planned the funeral services but didn’t have an […]