Making funeral plans in advance helps everyone. It gives you peace of mind while also preventing an unexpected financial burden for your loved ones. More importantly, it relieves others from making important decisions under emotional duress. Instead, your loved ones simply need to contact Gilbert Memorial Park after your loved one passes. We will take care of the rest.

We know that planning a funeral in advance can be intimidating. However, here are just a few of the reasons why making advance arrangements is a wise choice:

1. YOUR FAMILY WILL KNOW YOUR WISHES: Sadly, many families experience disputes and hard feelings when arranging for a loved one’s unexpected death. Because memories of the loved one’s wishes sometimes contradict each other, disagreements can easily arise, damaging the healing process. By making your funeral plans now, your loved ones won’t have to guess at what you may have wanted – they will know you were remembered as you wanted to be.

2. THE DECISIONS ARE ALREADY MADE. Did you know that, on average, more than 150 decisions and tasks must be completed within the first 24 to 48 hours after death? By making funeral plans ahead of time, you can ensure that your loved ones don’t have to wrestle over those details and decisions during a time of emotional upheaval. Knowing that everything is taken care of will allow proper remembrance and the first steps of healing.

3. YOU ACHIEVE PEACE OF MIND. Your funeral plans are guaranteed and will be carried out exactly as directed. You and your family can be at ease, knowing that when the need arises, your plans will be available and everything will be taken care of. There is immense peace in knowing your wishes will be executed as you designed them and that you’ll be remembered as you want to be remembered.

4. FUNERAL COSTS ARE CLARIFIED. As with most products and services, inflation drives the cost of funerals up yearly. Preplanning and purchasing a prepaid funeral plan generally ensures that your funeral is completely paid for at today’s prices. Many people assume savings or life insurance will cover their final expenses, but funerals must be paid for up front, and many life insurance policies or bank accounts aren’t accessible to families until well after services have been rendered. By purchasing a prepaid funeral plan, your family isn’t left to decide who will pay for the funeral.

For more information on prepaid funerals, prepaid burial, prepaid cremation, or planning a funeral in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer consultations in your home, or at either of our locations, without obligation. Click below to start planning now, or call (480) 935-5858 to speak with an Advance Planning Specialist.


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