Burial is a tradition that extends back to the dawn of human history. As a method of disposition, burial is more time-sensitive than cremation; however, burials are usually preceded by viewings during funeral service. A viewing is an emotionally powerful ritual that is often deeply connected to the healing process. Simply seeing the deceased can help smooth the transition through grief after someone has passed.

Gilbert Memorial Park offers a number of unique burial options suited to your wishes.


Cremation is often thought of as the simple choice for disposition. It can be less costly than embalming and burial, and it allows more time to gather families and friends who are separated by great distances. Still, cremation allows for a multitude of options for memorialization.

  • Funeral service. Yes, cremation can still include a funeral. Prior to cremation, you can view your loved one’s body, which can significantly assist in the process of grieving and healing. You can also choose to combine an intimate service with a memorial or burial.
  • Celebratory gathering. A celebratory gathering or memorial allows everyone a chance to honor your shared loss. By gathering with those whose life your loved one touched, you can connect with a supportive community and share moments of reflection. A celebratory ceremony can be a creative, fulfilling experience for everyone.
  • Permanent Memorial. Cremated remains can still be buried in a permanent memorial. Gilbert Memorial Park offers burial options in the cemetery and in its many elegant cremation niches. The memorial site you choose will become a cherished site where you can renew your memories of your loved one.

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