Funeral service has long needed a new definition. Gilbert Memorial Park provides one.

A funeral service should be meaningful. The ceremony should honor an individual uniquely, allowing everyone to remember the enduring effect they had on those whose lives they touched.

When you plan a funeral service at Gilbert Memorial Park, our staff and Certified Celebrants will guide you through the process of planning the most fitting ceremony.

The first question we’ll ask is this:

If your loved one planned a perfect celebration for themselves, what would it look like?

Think about everything they loved. What did they enjoy doing? What made them laugh? What made them feel hopeful, grateful, or passionate? What did they like to eat? Who were their favorite people? Where were their favorite destinations? Who was their favorite singer? What was their favorite color or style?

Our certified celebrant will help you craft the perfect tribute.

They will want to know more about your loved one, and they can offer great suggestions to incorporate into a service.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Jean loved emerald green. Her favorite jewelry, blouses, dresses–even her car–was green. At her service, everyone shows up in vibrant shades of green, not black.
  • Mike’s life changed the first time he heard blues music. From Muddy Waters to the Allman Brothers Band, he loved it. At his memorial, a playlist he would have approved of is heard throughout the ceremony.
  • Maria’s favorite restaurant was Joe’s Farm Grill. At the end of her funeral, everyone gathers in the reception center to enjoy a meal in her memory.

The choice is always yours. More than anything, our celebrants are exceptional listeners. Their thoughtful recommendations will be informed by what you share about your loved one. They want to help you plan the perfect goodbye, one that will honor your loved one’s life and provide an unforgettable experience to those who attend.

Choosing to incorporate religious traditions.

Our celebrants can also guide you through your choices when it comes to traditions. Here are just a few things you might want to consider:

  • Services don’t have to be religious, though they can be if desired.
  • If you would like religious themes, a member of the clergy does not need to preside over your service. Our Certified Celebrant is specialized in conducting a variety of services.
  • If you would like a member of clergy to officiate, we can help facilitate their services.
  • There are many ways to celebrate life and you can be as traditional or outside of the box as you’d like.