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You’ll leave feeling changed. Care and respect are woven into every detail, leading to moments that will feel transformative. Experiencing the death of a loved one is overwhelming and painful, but Gilbert Memorial Park rejuvenates and heals.

Let us care for you. From the moment you contact us, we will guide you through the numerous decisions following a loss. We can help you craft a meaningful funeral service or tribute that makes a lasting impact on everyone whose life was touched by your loved one.

Come experience Gilbert Memorial Park for yourself. Walk the grounds, meet our compassionate staff, and get a feeling for how every detail was designed with you in mind.

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We Believe In You

Death changes everything. We know this to be true, but funerals and cemeteries have become unchangeable. Gilbert Memorial Park rethinks this truth. We question what it means to honor and heal from death, knowing only you hold the answer.

Your funeral should be as unique as you are. You are love and music, color and memory, aspiration and joy. Every facet of your life matters. This is why we have redesigned one of our most significant rites of passage. We want to change the way everyone celebrates life.

Our staff of professionals and Certified Celebrants are here to serve as your guides. You deserve to have help effortlessly creating the perfect goodbye.

From Our Hearts

Losing someone you love is among the most difficult of life’s challenges. We know this personally. We have felt the deep pain that comes with grief and the extremely difficult reality of adjusting to life after losing someone. We also have felt the hope that comes from honoring their life and having a place to find peace and heal. It’s our greatest honor to support and guide you through the complicated and solemn time while honoring your loved ones that have passed. We hope to stand by you and your family in making things a bit easier.

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