Every memorialization possible

Cremation niches

There’s a good chance that you or someone you know is storing cremated remains. Often these are displayed prominently in ornate urns, although over time, and without a better option, they may be stowed in some cupboard and ignored, if not abandoned.

Gilbert Memorial Park has designed a better option for your family. With the most extensive and unique memorialization choices of any cemetery in the area, Gilbert Memorial Park offers elegant columbariums and cremation niches where you can permanently store cremated remains.

Burial plots

Our burial lawns are beautiful and serene final resting places. Choose from among several sections, each of which offers permanent memorial options to suit your needs. Review the options below and schedule a tour of Gilbert Memorial Park.

Private Estates

When you purchase a private estate, a portion of the cemetery is dedicated to memorializing your family. Easier to find yet secluded from other spaces, private estates afford you more privacy to visit your loved one. The private estates at Gilbert Memorial Park allow for full-body burial or burial of cremated remains. They are the cemetery’s most premium property.