02/14/1952 - 01/06/2024

On January 6th, 2024, Von Hilton Clarke ended his earthly journey to begin his next with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Von was born in Tallahassee, Florida to Neville and Madge Clarke on February 14, 1952, then soon relocated to Brooklyn, New York. His youth was spent between Brooklyn and the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. He graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn before playing football and graduating from Brooklyn College…though his favorite joke was tell people he went to “UCLA…the University on the Corner of Lenox Avenue.”

While working at Alexander’s Department Store in Brooklyn, he met the love of his life, Nancy Rose, and the two were wed in 1980. He is survived by Nancy, his son, Russell,  daughter in law, Anna, daughter, Abigail, and his three grandchildren – his favorites- Henry, Lucille, and Celia, and his sister, Dawn Francis.

He was a skilled Human Resources executive, who made stops at Harry M. Stevens, Rich Products, Raytheon Technologies, and Goodwill Industries. From June 2010 to February, 2019 he worked as a Field Agent with the Knights of Columbus Insurance, when he retired. He then began hosting tours at the Queen Creek Olive Mill as an olive oil expert, and a beloved member of their community.

The only thing that came close to matching his love for his family, were his Pittsburgh Steelers, who he began watching in the 1970s, the Arizona Wildcats and Clemson Tigers. Beyond that, he was an incredible and skilled artist who loved to sketch & paint over many decades, and a patriot who believed in America.

A dog lover through and through, he’ll be missed by his dog Dabo, but we’re sure is happy to be reunited with his beloved dogs over the years who ran to meet him at the Rainbow Bridge.

His positive impact on this world and the many, many people who met him in life and were privileged to call him, son, brother, husband, father, uncle, cousin, friend , brother Knight, or even tour guide far exceeds that expected of one of such humility and humble beginnings.

We know you’re already the life of the party up there with your “Is it just me?!”, “Did you know?!”, “Dogs Rule!”, Dad Jokes, and knowledge of life insurance and olive oil. Yes, “V.H. is in the house now!” and, while those he left behind will miss him terribly, we take solace in knowing he is young, happy, and home again.



  • Leah & Mitchell Morcelle

    Such a beautiful tribute for a beautiful man. Sending our deepest sympathy to the family and all of the people whose hearts were touched by Von. Shine on sweet Von ❤️

  • I can still hear Von laughing when I told him the story of our wedding night in Dec 1949. Bunk and I were headed to the Taft Hotel for our first night honeymoon, due to a wrong turn we wound up in Brooklyn at 2 AM. A young m young man was kind enough to tell us where to go and we finally began our threedays at 4 AM A great honeymoon that lasted 70 years loved that Von enjoyed my tale of woe. Peace!

  • Love you and miss you Pops. I would give the world for one more hug. 💔 Until we meet again, love you forever and always.

  • I remember meeting Von, at least 45 – 50 years ago with Nancy. He was so very funny to be around. He so loved my cousin Nancy – that was enough for me to love him. Rest in Peace young man, My condolences to you all. Peace and love

  • Winston Gormandy

    After a hiatus of several years, Von and I, first cousins, re-established contact and over the past 4 years in particular, we engaged in frequent and regular lengthy conversations. Our discussions, wide ranging as they often were, covered a variety of topics including the sad and disappointing state of affairs worldwide, the importance of truth and in that regard, the issue of Covid-19, now 23 …and ongoing, which we repeatedly addressed in some depth. He had not been to the West Indies for many years and not infrequently, he spoke of a desire to visit with his family where he still has a fair number of relatives. Although I did have some understanding of the deterioration in his health, his passing extremely premature in my view, came as a major surprise, a shock to me and a reminder of the frailty and uncertainty of life. I have lost not only a relative but, a close friend.
    Von in my view, was a caring and compassionate person who had the capacity to listen to and, discuss opposing views without dismissing them in addition to which, he exhibited a willingness to learn, qualities sadly lacking in many but qualities none the less which like his sense of humour, I admire. Von already is greatly missed. May he Rest In Peace and may his remaining family find peace and comfort in this most difficult time.

  • Stanley Mc millan

    Von worked at Alexander’s with Dave Wong Singh and I.. The rest WTH him and Nancy is ……

  • I’ll miss my brother, Von, terribly. “Best friends” for the around 5 1/2 years we shared what seems like everything with each other, Our families also drew close through our close loyal friendship. As for me, I know that having known him has been a highly cherished period of my life and I am a better man for it having known him. Christian, generous, honorable, humorous, loving, happy and loyal best describe him at his core. He loved his family dearly and was always there to come to their aid for any reason. He is now with Jesus, sharing with him, the same old lame dad jokes that we all now miss. Von, I/we love you and will miss you brother!! Until we meet again…..

  • Hector W Griswold

    Von and I worked together at Harry Stevens, and he was the greatest person to work with. Empathetic, funny, caring and engaged, a true professional and also humanitarian. I know how much he loved Nancy and Russell, and how much he was devoted to them. I am devastated to learn of his passing. I only wish that I had a chance to re-connect after Harry Stevens. Von was one of those one in a million folks that was always cheery regardless of the situation. To this day, decades later I still remember his smile and bow tie. Nancy and Russell, he loved you like no one else could. You are in my heart. I was heading to AZ and wanted to connect and ran across this devastating news. I do not know what further to say. I am speechless, and very sad for you and your family. I send you all my best.

  • Such a wonderful man!!!! I am beyond heartbroken to hear this devastating news. I will sure miss him bringing in Dabo to the vet. Thank you for all the wonderful talks.

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