03/21/1975 - 01/31/2020
Service Date: 02/08/2020
Service Time: 11:30 AM
Service Location: Gilbert Memorial Park, 2100 East Queen Creek Road, Gilbert, AZ 85297
Visitation Date: 02/08/2020
Visitation Time: 10:30 AM
Visitation Location: Gilbert Memorial Park, 2100 E. Queen Creek Road, Gilbert, AZ 85297

My Dearest Son, Timothy Daniel Dilday

How can a mother ever express in words a short 44 years of a son’s life?

On March 21, 1975 Judie and Dan Dilday became the proud parents of a baby boy, Tim.  I remember so vividly his first cry as we welcomed him in this world.  Before he was born I nicknamed him “Timmy Tiger.”  While I was pregnant I kept feeling this strong scratching in my belly. To this day, he will always be my little Timmy Tiger. He was a good baby, sleeping through the night in 6 days.

Over the next 3 years he grew so fast. Why do the years have to go so fast? He became very attached to my father during that time. His grandfather taught him all about horses (he had Tim in the saddle at 6 weeks old), mowing pastures, trucks, yodeling, singing, gardening, etc.  Where one was you could always find the other one.

In 1978 we told Tim that he was going to have a baby sister or brother.  His blue eyes were so bright and a grin that wouldn’t stop.  He couldn’t wait to get to preschool to tell all his friends.  He kept telling his father and I that he was going to have a baby brother. He was adamant that no baby sister could go in his room or play with any of his things. He would often bring out his favorite toys and line them up.  When asked why he was doing it, his answer was always the same “I’m getting them ready for my baby brother to play with”.

When the time came, he got his wish, a baby brother named Shaun.  Tim would sit or stand by the basinet for hours holding his baby brothers little fingers, wishing for him to wake up so he could hold him or feed him.

The years have gone by faster than lightning.

When Tim was a toddler he loved riding on the motorcycle with his father and loved playing in his fort that his father had built him. Before we knew it Tim was into sports. At the age of 4 he was swimming, diving off the diving board, and swimming the length of a pool underwater. He went on to play T-ball, baseball, soccer, and Pop Warner Football. During his high school years he made varsity football his sophomore year. He loved the game and the hard hitting. The more scratches and dents he had on his helmet the happier he was. I think he held the record for the most sacks in a game (a total of 13).  His senior year he was awarded a football scholarship.

Tim was a very talented artist and enjoyed drawing. During his sophomore year in high school he drew a full portrait of a very famous player from the Dallas Cowboys. His art teacher entered it in an art show and Tim was honored with a state award. I had not seen the portrait but on my birthday, that year, he gave it to me. Not to long after that a gentleman contacted me and wanted to buy it for over $2,000. The portrait still hangs in my home.  He also enjoyed writing poetry one of which was published his senior year.

One of Tim’s favorite passions was the outdoors. He loved being in the wilderness and that nature had to offer.

Tim was truly an outdoors man He loved being in the wilderness, camping, camp fires, jet skiing, snowmobiles, hunting and all that nature had to offer.  He looked forward to taking his nephew, Landon, camping and teaching him to shoot. He loved him so much. Tim was an avid shooter and a marksman. Over the years he acquired many rifles and handguns. He spent countless hours cleaning his weapons and reloading ammunition. One thing you didn’t dare do was touch any of his guns without his permission and him being there.

When I look back on all the memories of Tim I think the thing that stands out the most is the love he had for his brother Shaun. Yes, like all brothers they had their ups and downs yet they were always there for each other and so very close. They had a very special bond.

Four years ago Tim met the love of his life and soul mate. Very few people on this earth will ever have the love they shared. They met on a blind date. After their first meeting, Tim told me he was in love. I know many people would say, “yeah right”, but he knew and it became reality and they became man and wife. Tim never had children of his own but soon became a step-father. He never considered himself a “step-father”, he became his wife’s daughters father.  Two years ago he was blessed to become a grandfather. He was so happy to have the family that he had always dreamed of.

To all of you….live each day to the fullest, tell your family and friends how much you love them as you never know how sudden it can end.

Tim, you are forever in my heart and all of the memories are etched in my soul. I love you my son. Until we meet again. Mom


  • Mindy McCoy Schenk

    Dear Judie, Dan and Shaun,
    I am so deeply sorry about Tim’s passing. He was an incredible person who I was so incredibly blessed to know. I cannot begin to fathom the sadness you feel. Please know I will be praying for all of you and am here if I can help in any way.

  • Thank you Mindy.

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