11/13/1957 - 09/08/2023
Service Date: 10/21/2023
Service Time: 11:00AM
Service Location: Gilbert Memorial Park

Born in 1957 in Pennsylvania and moving to Arizona in 1958 – Tom’s home is here.  Living in Mesa, he attended Westwood High School and was the oldest of seven. Always helping with his siblings, he learned responsibility early.

Tom worked for just a” hot minute” as a hod carrier for his dad’s brick laying company and knew instantly that that kind of work was a big nope! He wasn’t afraid of hard work, he just really liked money, people, and air conditioning.  His biggest assets were his mouth and his ability to connect with people.

He started is lifelong career in solar control and window film over 40 years ago – the industry that he became an expert in and often reminded us that he forgot more about window film than most people ever knew…and he wasn’t wrong! This year he celebrated his 25th year with Saint-Gobain Window Film where he is often called “The Legend.”

Not just the life of the party, Tom was the party.  He was up for anything, dancing, karaoke, telling stories, and of course, the often cringe worthy inappropriate joke.  His extensive amount of traveling throughout the years made him a proud, self-proclaimed “professional entertainer”.

A true biker guy, he loved his Harleys and everything to do with riding.  He achieved is dream of going to Sturgis and experiencing all the troublemaking that goes along with it.  Tom was always craving speed and excitement of the outdoors.  He pimped out any boat, ATV, side by side, camper or bike he had and was never shy of testing their limits.

Tom was known by many names, Thomas, Tom, Tommy, Big Dawg …. Biggie T, but most importantly as Dad.  He loved his girls more than anything in this world and has always been extremely proud of them. He embraced the hair styling and nail painting that they would practice on him and endured their excessive talking and bickering while in the car. As each daughter married, he gained his sons that he loved just as much.

Married for 32 years to a redhead, Tom has proven to be fearless.  He learned to quicky duck when a nerf gun was in the room, look for signs taped to his truck on his birthday for strangers to honk at him before leaving the house and always checked his suitcase for “odd” things that may have been place in his luggage for detection at airport security.

Lastly, Tom was so strong.  Learning he had cancer in 2020, he endured more than any person should ever have to. Throughout the years of treatments, he fought, stood tall and continued to work full time. On September 8, 2023, he passed peacefully and at home.

Survived by his wife Michaele, his children and their families, Sarah, Sebastian and Gemma Moessmer, Savannah and Paul Rivera, 3 brothers – Gary, Bob, and Chuck and 2 sisters – Julie and Jeannie.  Nephews and nieces, friends, and colleagues.

Tom loved the outdoors and exploring the desert! To honor that love and provide a beautiful place for friends and family to visit and take a moment to remember and honor Tom.

In lieu of flowers, arrangements have been made to have a custom diecast plaque in his memory installed on a boulder or bench through any gracious donations.

Please click on the link below to make a direct donation to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, (one of his favorite places to ride to on is Harley) that will directly contribute to this memorial.





  • Tom was an awesome man. I really wish I got to spend more time with him. Michaele and kids, I am so sorry. No words could ever make this better. Be strong. He loved you guys so much. Keep making him proud.

  • So sorry for your loss. Condolence, prayers and hugs for the family. Cherish the memories

  • robert "bob" small

    Very glad to have known Tom and spent some of the funnest camping and riding times ever in Arizona. God speed,rest in peace. Rockin’ Bob.

  • I liked Tom and more importantly I trusted him! I will miss him.

  • I have known and worked with Tom for over 30 years. He was one of those specaial people who always stood out in the room. Did not back off from asking the questions everyone was thinking of. He will be missed .

  • Tom was one major contributor to any level of success I have received in my business life as well as personal life.
    We will never have another Tom Foster on this earth, He cannot be replaced.
    Such a dynamic man, I will cherish every minute and memory with Tom, Michelle and girls.
    Rest in peace brother…..

  • Michaele
    My deepest condolences to you and your family during this difficult time.

    Tom will alway be remembered as so much more than the dedicated colleague that so many of us had the pleasure to work with. Tom spread so much passion in our industry and never lost interest after more than forty years in this business. In fact to the contrary, Tom was always up for a new challenge in our industry. No matter where you pointed Tom in our business, no matter what role he was in you knew he was there! Larger than life, ready to serve and always carrying that large smile that filled the room with his contagious affect on all of us. Something that only Tom knew how to spread.

    Tom made a mark in every area of this business he touched and made our companies and customers better because of it. Tom gave himself to all of us every day for more than forty years and will be missed greatly by all of the people who he worked with and spent time with.

    For those of us that had the privilege to work with Tom for many years there was something much bigger about Tom than his reputation and commitment in our industry, Bigger than his nicknames and even bigger than some of his sales plans or opinions… it was his pride of his family! There wasn’t a day that I worked with Tom that I didn’t hear something new and special about his family and how proud he was of his wife and daughters. So while we can all agree that the Window Film industry is truly in a better place because we had the privilege to share it with and learn from Tom, I believe that Tom taught us so much more about life than just window Film and for that we are all in a better place as well.

  • Cedro and Tiffany Rodriguez

    Tom- You supported and pushed us. Your help throughout the years has always been appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to contribute to our success. We will miss you Tom!

  • When I first came to Arizona, Ton took me to
    Lunch and kindly went through the basics of manufacturing. Although I had been in the business for a while, this was an area that was very new to me.
    He was kind, respectful, patient and very knowledgeable.
    Throughout the years, I always respected how much he knew about the business but admired how genuinely kind he was. He never missed an opportunity to stop me and made me feel like a friend and appreciated.
    I realize that it was his true nature to be humble and generous to everyone.
    I will miss his big smile and his friendship. Although I stand in a long line of people that feel the same, I’m very blessed to have been counted among his many friends.
    God bless you and your family Tom.

  • How lucky we are to have had someone that makes saying goodbye so hard. Tom was a phenomenal man and we will miss him and his bright smile immensely.
    Love you, Michaele, Sarah, and Savannah 💚

  • I love you dad. I miss you so much.

  • I met Tom 40 years ago. He knew me when I first came into the tint world. 16 years later I asked Tom where I can make some good money with good boss. He said Billy come fill you car up with what ever you need to start your own business. I’m in my 25th year of business. We had out laughs and shared some not so nice stuff. Our last go around was the best. I have his big old smile in my head and him shaking his head to my korny jokes. He will be missed..

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