03/10/2001 - 04/17/2023

On April 17th, 2023 our beautiful “Light”, Mercedes Marianna Vega’s earthly life tragically and heartbreakingly ended.  She was born on March 10th 2001 in Anchorage, Alaska.  Emerging onto this Earth in a few, very short minutes.  She quickly established her place in this world as a considerable energy.  She made a substantial impact on everyone she encountered.

Mercedes was a beautiful young child who loved horses and babies.  She played the violin, and had a beautiful singing voice.  Mercedes sang the national Anthem at many sports games and special events.  She was a straight “A” student throughout her young school career. She was an incredible swimmer and loved the ocean.  She used to say, “My soul belongs in Hawaii.”

Mercedes was successful at everything she set out to do. She did not apologize for who she was, and yet was always uplifting and encouraging those around her.

Mercedes had a huge heart, she always stood up for others and protected those who could not protect themselves. In her “Celebration of Life” book her friends wrote so many things showing how she touched people’s lives.  They wrote such things as, “I hope you still watch over us, we need you.,” and “You were always a “safe” person for me.,” and “Thank you for showing me how to be a strong woman.”  Finally, our personal favorite, “I want to be YOU when I grow up.”

Just before she died Mercedes wrote in her journal words that comfort us even amid this most unbearable pain.

She wrote……….

“I am divinely guided and divinely protected.  The entirety of my existence is all for the highest good. I am allowing the Universe to handle everything for me.  I recognize the divine is orchestrating all that happens, even in my most tragic moments.  I am being divinely led to my higher purpose.  The universe has perfect timing.”  -Mercedes 333

Even from beyond this earth she still comforts and loves.  Her Spirit is strong and powerful.  She will forever be remembered by everyone who had the extraordinary opportunity to meet her.

Mercedes is intensely loved and extremely missed especially by her Mama Erika Pillsbury, her dad, Tom Pillsbury, her siblings, Jessica, Alexis, McKenzie, Shelby, and Finn, her Grandparents, Orville, Elaine, George, Karen and Stephanie, her aunts and uncles and cousins and her, generous circle of friends.

We know that where there is love, there is light. Rest in eternal light, beauty, and power!We love you!  My Mercedes!


  • My prayers and thoughts have been with all of you during this time of shock and grief. God’s blessings to you.

  • Wendy Fortnet

    Although I never met Mercedes, I have found my thoughts and prayers are with you Erika and all who love her. I wish I could help you in your grief, but I know that is impossible. I am here for you if you you want to talk, anytime of the day or night. Know that you are loved, and my heart breaks for you. All my love~Wendy

  • Truly heartbreaking. REST IN LOVE EMPRESS

  • It’s heartbreaking to hear about your child. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending condolences.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending condolences.

  • RIP! So sorry for your loss! Prayers for love, comfort, justice, closure, and for peace for you all! Amen!☹️😥👀🙏

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