08/27/1965 - 02/27/2022

Maurice “OTIS” Hill Jr, born Aug 27th 1965, was called home on Feb 27th 2022. Otis was the life to any party, and touched everyone he came in contact with. Otis was known as the “king of ribs”, but most importantly he was known for being the best girl Dad and Papa a family could ask for. Everyone who knew Otis knew how much his girls meant to him. Everything he did he did for them. Otis will be known for his strength to overcome any obstacle sent his way. He was the strongest man we know.

Otis is survived by his fiancé Candice Vergith, his oldest daughter Maurissa Hill-Green and her fiancé Darrian, Shawntae Hill-Green and her boyfriend David, Gabrielle Hill and her girlfriend Peige, Amyrah Vergith, and his adoptive daughter Samantha Boone. Otis has 3 beautiful granddaughters, Braelynn, Milah, and Journee, and 5 adopted grandchildren Dajuan, Amaya, Monty, Dominic and Lailah. He is also survived by his father Maurice Otis Hill; his sisters and brothers Betty Johnson, Walter Jr Lambert, Nate Lambert, Leona Lambert, and Markisha Moore.

He was preceded in death by Marion Hill, Edward James Lambert, Morris Hill and Del Hill.

The family is having a family only viewing on Thursday March 3rd at Gilbert Memorial Park, 2100 East Queen Creek Rd.

Flowers can be sent to the funeral home for this day or sent to 2132 E Smoke Tree Rd Gilbert AZ 85296.


  • Liberty Bridges

    So sorry for everybody loss …I never Mr Otis but feel I have thru Candice Facebook over the years … he was a strong strong man n you could tell how much he loved his girls n Candice…once again I’m sorry for ur loss

  • So sorry for your families loss. Otis was a great guy to work with at Polaris in Spirit Lake! We had alot of good times and he will always be remembered for that. May God touch you with his comforting hands at this time of mourning..

  • Patricia Tuplin (Margaret )

    So sorry for your loss . We were childhood friends on Puritan Ave . Was always a nice person .

  • Sending love and prayers for you and your family. My thoughts are with you all.

  • ❤Otis grew up across the street from me and my family, was always cool and a good and funny friend growing up on Puritan av. 💔

  • Rest in heaven uncle Otis you will truly be missed and to the girls keep your heads held high he’s in a better place love you all

  • My condolences to the Hill family and everyone that knew and Love Otis. Otis you were not only my friend, you were my brother.I sit here with tears in my eyes, because I am going to miss you. We have so many great memories together. One of my favorite memories was when you Barbecued for the whole Security team and me,Rick,Pooch and Josh was fighting over those famous Ribs you would cook.. we were literally eating those ribs off the grill like they were hot dogs, because they were so good..That was the day I started calling you PaPa Chef. We laugh so much that day. It’s so many things I am going to miss that you would say or do. It was a great honor to have known you as a friend and a Brother. You will always be miss, but never forgotten Otis (aka) PaPa Chef..I love you my Brother, until we meet again Peace in my Otis voice. Only the people that knew you will understand that one…Love you always Otis and made God comfort us all…

  • Spike Fairchild

    Im so sorry for your loss. I met otis at least 25 years ago when i was tending bar at the scoreboard. Otis didnt let anyine mess with me when he was there. He was great guy one ill never forget. Rest in peace as you watch over the rest of us.

  • It’s not the amount of time that matters most in life, it’s what you do with that time. No doubt that Papa Chef had a huge personality that was infectious. He meant a lot to many and instilled many memories that all cherish. I was lucky to be able to share my younger years with Otis. Black and Gold security, the Lakes, and a few road trips are top of the list. Condolences to the girls and family. We had a saying back in the day and it still rings true today. “Live Large” just like the OG……

  • I meet Otis working at Arnold’s Park doing security work. Will you work together for only a few years and him and Rick became like sons to me and my wife they called his mom and pop. We had a great time together and he was always there when anything was going on. We joke and laughed about all kinds of things and color meant nothing to either one of us he was such a good kid and we loved him dearly. Our prayers go out to you and the family. Well I think of them all the time and think about him being up there and looking down on us and not being in any more pain.

  • Love you and you will always b n my ❤️!


    I can’t believe the toughest guy I knew is gone .. and I hope you and Damien, and your family are all together now as it should be.
    I was so happy hearing that you had found someone that could give you the strength to get through the incredibly tough times that you went through.
    Back in Boston during the healthy days, we had so much fun. Damien saw a black man who, with Angie, treated him like a son…. he is that little toddler in heaven right now running away from you LOL
    You became his godfather without eve n blinking.
    I firmly believe that you and Angie would have taken that very seriously if it came to it
    Damien told me once that he thought you were his father and he described you perfectly.
    His first solid food was one of your ribs.
    His first pair of sneakers were Air Jordans that you bought him.
    He existed because you and Angie gave me the support to get through the maze of people that didn’t want me to have him.
    We were at the Cantab, all together one night… and I said how much I like the saxophone ..so you had a guy come over and play “happy birthday” to me… I turned 19.
    You bought me the single “keep your head up”- TUPAC
    When you got your kidney I was jumping up and down and my mom clapped… and had tears in her eyes.
    Do you even know how much you did for us?
    Do you even know how much you put into this world that is bright and loving, way more than you ever took from it?
    I hope you can see it now. I can still see your laugh, your “OTIS EYES” when you wanted one of the kids to stop doing what they were doing LOL
    Candice- you did everything you could and I think you know that. …you brought Otis Home to God in a loving and thoughtful way. YOU suffered far more than he did. I pray that you understand that.

    BUT EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY YOU MADE SURE THAT HE WASN’T SUFFERING … it was torture.. for all of you, not being able to sit in the ICU. but sadly we have no choice in these matters,but you all endured it, and you prevailed.
    Candice I hope you keep writing on Facebook about different memories, you really are a good writer and I really look forward to it.
    There were so many people who loved otis, I remember in Iowa we were at some bar, and I said “who’s that guy?”Angie said “oh that’s the Police Chief he’s best friends with Otis “.. LOL
    my dad can’t stand anybody but he said “he’s the salt of the earth “and he shared some of his precious courvoisier…. so the two of you could be drunk at the christening LOL (my dad considered it null+ void since it wasn’t Catholic)
    watching you clean up after 13 hours of cooking ribs, you cleaned every inch of that truck and you had incredible work ethic. You ARE and always WILL be the “King of Ribs”
    you have a wide-ranging family and you have always loved all of them.
    well my friend, I drove down Columbia road today and I can still picture the barrels and the smoke that smells so good even in Upham’s Corner! I pulled over and just sat there. I watched in my head the kids all running around, truly a family business.
    no matter what they put in that space it will always be yours. it will be where I go when I want to smile… see the smoke going up into the air and the kids running around like maniacs.
    to all of you, every single one of you that is lucky enough to have the Big o as a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, son friend…, and most of all wife, I embrace you. I pray for you. Let us smile at everything he did to stay on this Earth,all of the things that Otis said and did….. we love you Otis, Godspeed my dear friend .

  • Linda Woodson

    My condolences goes out to Otis family. He was a good friend. Went to high school with Otis for a short time. Also knew him when he lived on Onley street in Dorchester. Met his mom and sister Leona. Rest easy my friend.

  • I’m going to remember You Columbia road And Quincy street The good times You rest now Love Louise

  • Sending my deepest condolences to Otis’s family. He was a childhood friend in Boston. We both attended the Jeremiah E.Burke High School together. We was always the life of the crowd and would alway protect the ones he looked. Afternoon high school I moved to Framingham and years later would find Otis again. We would cook and play spades. But I will always remember Otis as the best rib man in the world. I love you Otis rest In sweet peace my forever friend. God bless your family. 🌹

  • Otis, O, Papa chef miss you. We had a lot of good times together. I wish I would’ve seen you more and talked to you more over the past years. You were always in my heart and always will be. Rest easy now we knew you’d fight your ass off. I have a few songs we used to jam out to that take me back to some good times with you. Love you brother see you in my heart everyday and see you again someday!

  • I remeber the first time I met you at the Marquee. When I hear your name, SO many memories flood my mind…so many things I could say about you…like so many others have said, you were such an amazing man! I remember the night I stopped by and got to meet Candice and your precious baby girl…I knew then that Candice was one in a million and was so good for you. The love that you had for her and all your girls is priceless and you showed that love to friends and family. I’m still in shock that you are gone! You would walk into any room and had such a presence and everyone there wanted a chunk of your time. When you left Iowa and moved to Arizona I didn’t think I’d every see you again but you kept in touch through the years and I was able to see you when I would come to AZ. My heart is broken….my thoughts, prayers and love go out to you Candice, all his wonderful girls, family and friends. You will NEVER be forgotten Otis!!! Rest now my dear friend…until we meet again…My love to you

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