02/23/1953 - 03/14/2020

Mark Fred Thompson

Written by Dennis Tucker

Mark Thompson passed from this life March 14, 2020 at his home.  He was born February 23, 1953 to the late Fred Thompson and Lavonne Crim Thompson.  He is survived by his daughter, Jennifer Lynn, and husband, Erik Reiter along with two grandchildren, Vanessa and Isaiah, also by his siblings Jan (Ronnie) Prentice, Rhea (Bill) Buchanan, Regena (Dennis) Tucker, and Kay (Doug) Wilburn.

Mark was born in Washington, Indiana spent his first 4 years on his family’s homestead in Williams IN but grew up mostly in the plain state, graduating High School in Topeka, KS as his father, Fred Thompson, worked for Frontier Airlines.  He lived for over thirty years in Phoenix, AZ.  Mark worked many years for Keebler as a salesman, district salesman, then District Manager. He worked his district to number one nationwide in sales.  Mark Thompson was a faithful member of the Monte Vista church of Christ.

Usually people ask question about how someone died but I want to talk about how Mark lived.

Mark was one of the good guys. He loved to laugh and have fun. When playing golf, he never took it too seriously but had fun with it. We got to go to the Grand Canyon in 2016 and Mark was our guide. Last July his siblings and their families had the opportunity to meet in Oklahoma. It was fun and silly as Mark always had a joke or funny story to tell. Sometimes we remember people in how we cried for them (as I did cry when I heard the news) but I will also remember how we laughed with him. On our visit to Phoenix in 2016 we were at Mark’s house when he asked if we were going to return to Kentucky by way of Oklahoma. Many years earlier, Mark had captured a turtle around Owasso, OK and brought it to his house in Phoenix. That turtle had lived in his backyard for many years. Mark got to feeling bad about taking that turtle away from his home and wanted us to take it back to Oklahoma. I never saw the turtle in his backyard and we did not take it back to its natural home. However, last July Mark returned to Oklahoma with his turtle and set it free. That was Mark for you.

Mark was compassionate. He would help anyone in any way possible. While in Oklahoma last July my brother, Mike, had an accident on the farm. I received phone calls on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. Sitting in the living room I was waiting to hear if Mike was still alive or had passed away. Mark was just getting up and I told him what had happened. Without one second of hesitation Mark offered to fly us back home. I don’t think anyone could out give Mark.

Mark was brave. He quit his job for many years and changed careers. He went from being a cookie elf to a prison guard. He went through really tough training that many young folks could not endure and he surpassed most of them. He tried to talk to the prisoners about the Bible. He retired from Maricopa County prison system as a correction officer.

Mark was loving. He loved Jenny and Erik and his two grandbabies, his sisters and their families, people in general, but most importantly he loved the Lord. He obeyed the Gospel of Christ as a young man and lived the rest of his life faithfully to the Lord.
Mark was truly one of the good guys.


  • One of the most beautiful obits I have ever read. All Mark. He is missed.

  • I have gone to Monte Vista Church of Christ with Mark for over 20 years. He was a great friend to my late husband and myself. I will miss this wonderful Christian man. So sorry for your loss.

  • Gary Bellinger

    I loved Mark as a fellow brother in Christ. Look forward to seeing him again. Many of us are praying for the comfort of all his loved ones.

  • Mark and I shared a room one semester at Florida College. He was a friend to me and my fiance Shirley and was my best man when we were married. My work almost took me near where he lived, but no. I was more often over a thousand miles from him. I wish God’s peace and comfort on his remaining family.

  • David Willis (cousin)

    I was so sorry to hear from (my sister) Brenda that we lost Mark, and he gained heaven (praises to our Lord for His mercy!) I look back and I’m so thankful for the special place he has had in my heart all my life. But especially in the past three or four years after I learned I had cancer, and even before that when he learned that I had neuropathy and diabetes like he has had, we have become quite close. In fact I was planning to call him this week just to see how he was doing, but lost that opportunity. He recently has surprised me several times with a phone call just to see how I was doing. And one time I got a package from him because he wanted me to try some heavy socks that had helped his feet feel better. And then later he also sent me some gloves for the same reason. He will certainly be a reason that heaven is dearer to me. You will be in my prayers.

  • I am totally devastated that Mark has passed away! I loved him as my dear brother! His family and our family became close in Topeka, Kansas back in 1969! He was such fun and we enjoyed each other tremendously! Was just visiting him in February! He seemed to be getting along well! Such a shock! Love you brother! Till we meet again!

  • I would like to add to the comments about how loved Mark was! He was a great prankster too!!! He would call on the phone and pretend to be with the irs or some other government agency and try to get you to sweat bullets! So funny! And good at it! Loved him like my own brother! Will miss him very much! Am so glad I got to spend some time with him in February! Till we meet again my brother!

  • Our family is sorrowful in that you will miss him on earth and know you will look forward to that glorious reunion. Good job Dennis on the above. Very well written. Comfort and peace to all.

  • Steve & Laurie Dill

    Mark has been in our mist for over 30 years. He was a stand out guy, always happy to see us and always had interest i what we were doing. He sincere interest in everyone and wanted to help in anyway he could. Sometime back he ask if I still had one of my Radios (1939 vintage) that he had seen in my house many years prior. I sent him a picture of the one I thought he was describing and yes he said that’s the one! He wanted to trade me his old but very cool Victrola record player and gladly I jumped at the trade. He was always wheeling and dealing something. He had a tender heart for our Mother Connie Dill who appreciate his visits after her husband passed. We always knew he had been there by trinket flower or do-dad he brought for her. Til we meet again christian brother.

  • On his last day at Lower Buckeye Jail third shift, he hid 10 dollar bills all over the jail for people to find. He also wore a suit jacket and jeans to keep his last night casual. He was a great Officer. I’m glad to have known him for the short time that I did.

  • Luis F Hernansez

    In shock to hear this news, I normally don’t comment, but aa Ted to let the famy know that I worked with him at the Lower Buckeye Jail fie a few years. Around the year 2014 my wife and I were expecting our 3rd child and one day while working in the same area with him I was commenting I was going to be gone for paternity leave and didn’t have the vacation time to cover the amount of time I would be gone. Out of nowhere came Thompson as is how I knew him and handed a firm. Startled I looked at the form and to my surprise it was a Donation of vacation form that he had filled out donarinf 80 vacation/sick hours that were his so I could get paid while I was out on leave. I thought what a great guy.
    To the family I want to say that I feel very sad to hear this news and just wanted to let them know he touched mine and my family’s life with his gesture….

  • Sumene Kaborloomene

    Hearing about Mark death was a huge shocker to me. I have worked with Mark couple times. He was indeed a wonderful and down to earth guy. Mark always engages with biblical views of world realities and peace buildings. He will be dearly missed by those who knew his full potential for life and the passion of reaching out to those in need. My sincere condolences to the families, friends, and former employees. Rest In Peace Mark.

  • I worked with him at LBJ for a few years. He always had a smile and a kind word despite how the day went. He was a good officer and person.

    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

  • I worked with mark for about 10 years at LBJ.He always had a smile on his face and would always help anybody if they were in a jam. Great guy you will be missed Thompson, Rest in peace Brother.

  • Robert D Brown

    Me and Mark went through training together at the Maricopa county Sheriffs office in 2008 the academy was fun and tough for both of us.We worked together at Lower Buckeye jail for many years.He was always thoughtful of others and always had a kind word.He would tell some funny stories about his time as the Cookie elf lol Kebler cookie sales pro.I will remember him as a guy who always looked on the bright side of life.He will be missed and my condolences to his family.

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