08/28/1917 - 02/16/2020
Service Date: 02/22/2020
Service Time: 10 AM
Service Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1249 S. 48th Street, Mesa, AZ 85206
Visitation Date: 02/22/2020
Visitation Time: 9 AM
Visitation Location: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1249 S. 48th Street, Mesa, AZ 85206
Interment: Mountain View Memorial Park, 7900 E Main St. Mesa, AZ 85207

Mac C Matheson, 102, returned home on February 16, 2020 in Queen Creek, Arizona.  Mac was born in Enoch, Utah, on August 28, 1917 and came with his parents to Arizona in 1920 when he was three years old.  He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to the British Isles from 1937 to 1939 where he witnessed the coronation parade for King George VI, and sang in the Millennial Chorus.  He was extremely grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord during his military service in WWII as an aerial gunnery instructor in B-24s and B-25s.  He was assigned for a time in a part of India which is now Pakistan.  This assignment kept him safe from actual combat and allowed him to return home to his little family.

He campaigned twice for the opportunity to represent Arizona in the U.S. Congress, narrowly losing to both Stuart and Morris Udall and he remained active in politics for many years.  He was a valiant member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in many callings including Bishop of the then Tucson Third Ward, and, with his sweetheart served a mission to the Salt River Reservation.  They also served as baptistry workers and supervisors in the Mesa, Arizona Temple.

A former radio announcer with KTUC, and insurance agent, Mac is survived by seven children:  Robin (John) Woodwell, Rodney (Norma) Matheson, Derry (Susan) Matheson, Kristen (Bill) Shumway, Leileen (Mitchell) Waite, Philip (Jolene) Matheson, and Eric (Amy) Matheson.  He is also survived by 33 grandchildren, 60+ great grandchildren and a growing number of great-great grandchildren.  Until recently, Mac was a valuable contributor to Humanitarian services, sewing quilt tops and book bags (in excess of 10,000 bags).

Mac was preceded in death by his sweetheart of almost 71 years, Ouida May Lofgreen.  Together they made a happy home for their seven children.  Ouida May passed away in February, 2012 and he has missed her every day since.  All of their children and their spouses, as well as their posterity, miss them terribly, but are comforted to know they are together again and for eternity.

Mac was deeply involved in the cause of family history from the very beginning of internet family history research.  He and a team he assembled paved the way for the current Family History Indexing project by running the original pilot and trial run of the first internet indexing.  The indexing system has produced literally billions of records and provided millions of people the ability to find their precious and previously missing family members.  Once the system was implemented, he indexed literally thousands of records personally and continued through his late-90s when his eyesight became too bad to see the poor images which were available.

Mac was a real performer and could be relied upon to recite “Albert and the Lion,” “The return of Albert,” or sing one of dozens of old songs that brought a smile and giggle to his posterity at all family gatherings.

Funeral services will be at 10:00 am on February 22, 2020 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints chapel at 1249 S 48th Street, Mesa, Arizona.  Visitation will be at 9:00am, with internment following at Mountain View Cemetery, 7900 E Main Street, Mesa, Arizona.

Arrangements by Bunker Family at Gilbert Memorial Park.


  • Sorry for your loss, Bill and Kristen, Rod and Norma. He lived a wonderful life! I loved reading about him. I would have liked to have known him personally.

  • On behalf of the James Connell Matheson, Jr. family, our condolences and sympathy to the Mac C. Matheson family & posterity.

  • Steve and Jane Harward

    We are so sad to hear of your wonderful dad’s passing. What a great man he was! His tenacity and desire to go good were amazing. We were inspired by him. I’m sure your family will sorely miss him. May the Lord bless you all!

  • Jennifer Stephenson

    Hello dear Matheson cousins,
    I don’t know if many of you will remember me. I am Evan Matheson Romney’s daughter and eldest child. I want to express my condolences to each and everyone of you. I will always remember both of your parents with love and respect. Mac was my Grandma Della’s youngest brother and she use to tell me sweet stories of the life they shared together, growing up in Arizona. Uncle Mac was always so kind and cheerful, whenever our paths crossed. I have no doubt your sweet mom was waiting with open arms, as Mac passed through the veil and returned home. How blessed we all are by the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation. Families can be together forever… of this there is no doubt! I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Michael and Georgia Ciotti

    We are sorry for your loss. Loosing a parent is a very difficult time to go through
    I truely enjoyed his life story! It was a full life he had. Rod and Norma two of our favorite people we are so sorry.

  • Richard Lunt Romney

    Wonderful tribute to Uncle Mac. I am greatful to have one forth of my genetic make-up from Matheson clan which is known for such faith and longevity. I am proud to be a quarter Matheson.

  • Paula Timmons Slaughter

    We love Uncle Mac and even though we didn’t see him very often we will miss him. We know he is with Aunt Ouida May and the rest of his family that have welcomed him to his new home. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  • Ellen & Kerry Adams

    What a great legacy Mac Matheson leaves. Mac was a wonderful man, an inspiration to all who knew him. He was a true patriot who loved God, his family and his country. We will miss him. Our love and kindest regards to his family and loved ones.

  • Please accept Lois and My condolences. I met Brother Matheson a few times at Matheson family gatherings and in the Mesa and Gilbert Temples. He certainly lived a long and interesting life.

  • Lois and I wish to extend our condolences to the Matheson family.

  • I just heard about Uncle Mac’s passing and wanted to express my appreciation for him and all he did to stay connected to our family through the years. My grandmother Kathleen Matheson Gooch was his eldest sister, and my father Earl grew up as more of a younger brother than a nephew to Mac, since Mac was only 6 years older and my father lived with their family for a time. Mac shared so many stories with us about our grandfather, who died when my father was young, and it was through Mac that we came to know so much about our grandfather, as well as our grandmother. I will always be grateful he took the time to write down so many of his memories and share them with us. He was a very giving individual and left an amazing legacy of service with his family—all of you.

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