09/13/1991 - 09/11/2021
Service Date: 09/22/2021
Service Time: 10 AM
Service Location: Gilbert Memorial Park 2100 East Queen Creek Road Gilbert, AZ 85297
Visitation Date: 09/22/2021
Visitation Time: 9 AM
Visitation Location: Gilbert Memorial Park
Interment: Gilbert Memorial Park

Katie Estrada Rodriguez

09.13.1991 – 09.11.2021


Link to service: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtGD4mQCSi2WMLxW7POi6QQ/live

These words represent who Katie was to many. She had the most beautiful heart. It radiated out of her eyes and smile. She was almost done with her Nurse Practitioner License. She had many goals in life. She enjoyed fishing, adventures, dance parties and helping others. She was a hard worker and with her BIG heart she wanted to care for those who needed care in a loving matter. She was our family doctor. God called her to heaven to help heal the others who have suddenly passed away from COVID. God has healed and made Katie whole.

She leaves behind two lovely boys Michael and Jacob Estrada. They will be her legacy as she left in them a piece of her heart and soul. They will carry Katie within them. They have the most beautiful mama on Earth and in Heaven. She is their guardian angel.

Your family will always be missing you and caring for you from AL to CA (the whole US!) Until we are all reunited again, we miss you, we love you and thank you for giving all of us a piece of your heart.

Katie’s legacy will live forever, and she will never be forgotten.


  • Araceli Montes de oca

    Katie, I cherish all our childhood memories in my heart. To your family, we are here for you and love you guys very much!

  • God in his infinite wisdom gives us life on earth, only to be surpassed by death that we may have life everlasting in his kingdom

  • Praying for this family to find comfort in the precious memories you had with Katie. I pray for Michael and Jacob to find understanding and peace with their mother joining the Lord. That they grow up in strength and courage with their mother’s legacy. And for blessings to be upon all of those whom are missing this special person.

  • Comfort Dear God, those whose eyes are filled with tears. Heal those whose hearts hold a wound and whose faith has been dealt a blow. Bless all who mourn and who despair. Help those who can’t imagine how they’ll make it through another day. For your goodness and mercy are enough for all the troubles in the world. Amen
    Tío Tia Wendy Jimmy my heart hurts for your loss. I wish I can take away your pain. I pray God give you all the strength you need during this difficult time. That her babies are filled with all the love they need. That God protects them and along with Katie watch over them and all of you 🙏 she sure will be missed. There’s a memory I will never forget and has been with me throughout all these years. I stayed with you all for some time, I remember making Mac n cheese for you guys, Katie was probably like 11 years old. We would watch Disney Channel all day everyday. She always had that beautiful smile. Descansa en Paz Katie 🙏 you are loved and missed

  • Sandy Estrada Mendoza

    You will be truly missed My Sweet Katie

  • I remember all our childhood memories as much as I always remember your smile & your laugh. I will hold & cherish those memories so dear to my heart. We love you Katie. To our family, we are with you & thinking of you all. God Bless you

  • My condolences to your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God comfort and heal your hearts. May our Lord provide you with strength in this difficult time. Katie was a woman of faith,with love in her heart and very kind. She demonstrated her love by giving back to her community,her church and others around her. Her acts of kindness blessed many. She will be deeply missed. I will always remember her beautiful smile. Rest in Peace. We love you!

  • my condolences to the katie family, we accompany them virtually, cousin maria I accompany you virtually from california🙏🏼

  • Katie is watching from above and would have loved to see so many loved ones together to celebrate her life. Katie was born in San Bernardino, CA. She lived most of her life in the high desert and within the last years of her life in Alabama. She is a mother to two little angels, Michael and Jacob who loved their mom so much. She was also the Godmother to my children. Michael and Jacob would always say No that is not Nina that is mommy! Katie had the biggest heart. She was almost done with her Nurse Practitioner certificate. She always wanted to help people and be there for them to heal and have someone who not only was knowledgeable (she graduated at 16!), but cared with all of her heart. She was always checking in on us. The last thing she sent me was some tea. She was always researching ways to care for our family. She was our personal doctor.
    I loved her so much. She never missed sending a card for birthdays and holidays. She was always there for us even though we were so far away. She was my best friend. I miss her so much. I do not know who I will call everyday when sitting to pick up the kids. I don’t know who will be there for me when I have a secret or need advice. You were so loved Katie. You were a sweet princess. Now you get to help all the people passing away from COVID. You were such a great nurse here on Earth, God took you to heal everyone who is passing away. That is the greatest honor as God only takes the best with him. We will forever honor you. You were a daughter, sister, mother, godmother, nurse and friend.
    Spirit to spirit, heart to heart, sisters forever together and apart.

  • michael estrada

    hey im michael estrada im ok im still so hurt but im pushing through thank you so much for these responses i shed a tear on each one to show that my mother was not only loved by us but from other poeple im 11 now jacob is 9 we are doing so well

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