07/28/1993 - 03/26/2021

Juan Carlos Salazar, 27, passed away March 26, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • I send my condolences with a heavy heart to the Salazar family I’m so very sorry to hear about this i used to him all the time because he didn’t like eating vegetables a
    I used to stop by his desk and offer him some broccoli or carrots knowing that he would turn me down. My happy memory of him teasing him. He used to say he would eat them if his mother fixes them. I miss him he was so sweet. He left behind a lot of people who cared about him I used to work with him before he transferred to Phoenix. Again I’m so sorry

  • Juan was a great friend. We always had good conversations and got to hang out a lot outside of work. He always spoke fondly about his family and I knew he was loved. He will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him.

  • Juan was my coworker in Tucson, we shared a wall in our cubicles. He was such a kind person and always had a big smile on his face. I used to give him a hard time about him not eating any vegetables, like Julia said he never ate any around us. He was also my lunch buddy. RIP my friend, you’ll always be in the my thoughts ❤️

  • I had the pleasure of knowing Juan sitting next to each other at work, and traveling several times with him. He was a man of integrity and character, and a great sense of humor hidden behind his quiet demeanor. He was a good friend and coworker and I miss him a lot.

  • I was stunned by the news, and greatly saddened. I want to send my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Juan was such a good guy. We loved having him with us, we will miss him deeply. I don’t think I can remember a time when he wasn’t extremely polite and kind to everyone. I will miss my friend and lunch buddy. Juan will be in my thoughts, and I will pray for his loved ones. I know this is a very difficult time for you.

  • I, too, worked with Juan in Tucson. He was always kind and positive, and talking with him was a bright spot in my day. My deepest sympathy to Juan’s family.

  • I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one. Words can never express the pain felt when a loved one is taken away from us. The Bible promises us one day that “death will be no more…” at Revelation 21:4. We can see our loved ones again in the resurrection when those sleeping in death wake up, as Jesus promised. Please take care and lean upon the Lord for strength to stay strong . He cares for you.

  • Juan will be missed. Clearly, he was a good hearted warm person, with a positive attitude. I also worked a bit with Juan and he was definitely making a difference on the job. He was always respectful and had a courteous manner. RIP Juan, you will be missed.

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