02/07/1963 - 01/18/2022
Service Date: 01/25/2022
Service Time: 11:30 AM
Service Location: Gilbert Memorial Park 2100 East Queen Creek Road Gilbert, AZ 85297
Visitation Date: 01/25/2022
Visitation Time: 9-11 AM
Visitation Location: Gilbert Memorial Park
Interment: Gilbert Memorial Park

Jeffrey Alen Dancik, 58, passed away peacefully on January18th, 2022 at his home in Gilbert, Arizona. He was born to Jim and Beverly Dancik in Cleveland, Ohio in 1963. Jeff was forever the good natured optimist as he battled Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He never stopped fighting up until the end. Jeff was surrounded by loved ones when he took his leap to Jesus. If you were lucky to know him you had a friend for life. Jeff knew how to love people and people were drawn to his infectious personality and humor. He owned an electrical company that grew to be highly successful. He was also an avid collector of everything from cars to antiques. He later grew passionate about the island of Maui where he longed more for the simpler things of life like chasing waterfalls and sunsets at the beach. He wanted quality of life over anything he had material wise. In his fight of cancer he found Jesus and he often said if he ever had a chance he would be a motivational speaker or a pastor.

He left behind the love of his life, Shae, his two beautiful daughters Jessika and Nikolette, and his bonus children Giovanni, Kaylee and Ava. He is also survived by his father Jim, sisters Deanna and Debbie, brothers Terry (Bass) and Daryl.

He will forever be missed but we know now that he, like he always used to say, is now truly living the dream in Heaven. So as he and his brother used to say when it was time to go to bed as children. “Lights off, action off.”  And of course in Hawaiian, A Hui Hou Kakou which means until we meet again. 🤙🏻


  • Baby!!!

    I never wanted to see this day. I didn’t know how I would feel saying goodbye to my sweetheart and best friend. The day you left me I had the privilege of sitting beside you holding you as I watched you leave to Jesus. It was the most beautiful precious moment of my life. I didn’t know how happy I’d be after knowing you were healed and laughing with joy with our King! Save me a spot baby. I love you forever and I will make you proud of me. I promise. 😘❤️❤️❤️

  • Goodbye my brother my friend say hi to mom love you forever until we meet again

  • Blessings and Prayers to All the Family. Our Hearts are with you.

  • Jeff – the hero of so many, with a heart of gold. You are remembered for all the big and little things you did for people – like my son, you gave him his first grown up job and it taught him work ethic and consistency that changed his life. You were generous to my kids in so many ways and your genuine friendship with my husband is so deeply valued. You loved Shaena and the kids immensely and you will be missed by everyone. I saw you turn to Jesus and it was a beautiful redemption story like only He does – all for His glory!!

  • Michael A. Sommers

    My deepest sympathies to the Dancik family regarding Jeff. I have known Jeff all the way back to his teenage years on Ira.
    May God Bless his gentle soul & prayers to his father Jim as well as for the rest of the Dancik family during these difficult days. Jeff will be missed by many. RIP Jeff.

  • Sherry Daloisio

    So sorry for what you all have endured. I, as so many of us, have shared experiences. God bless you all. Our tears are universal.

  • Our hearts and prayers are with all his loved ones at this time. Jeff always had a giving spirit of his time, his energy, and to those in need. His nature was if he saw a way to help be part of the solution then he couldn’t deny being involved in some way to help. Over the two decades of friendship with him and watching his life he was true and real, what you saw is what you got, a rarity it character so often. About two months ago we talked for about an hour, he spoke fondly of Maui and his family and the importance of peace and not striving in life. Jeff you were one of a kind❤️ Please say Hi to my mama for me!!

  • Lights off action off brother I love you

  • Heather and Ryan Pluhar

    We are so sorry to hear of Jeff passing….
    We knew Jeff from him playing many years of softball with our Full Gospel Church Softball League in the valley! Jeff coached the team Fountain of Life for years, played and even was a part of our board at one time. He loved the game and was competitive. Jeff was such a nice guy who had such a bit heart! I remember when asked how he was doing, he would tell me Living the Dream! Our thoughts and prayers go out to his whole family. You will be missed Jeff, but I can only imagine what you did when you saw Jesus face to face!

  • Jeff, always living the dream. It started as just work friends through Presidential Pools to a friendship that I cherished dearly. You always made time to chat with me and always knew what to say and how to say it. I don’t think you know this but I definitely looked up to you as a mentor and I want to thank you for that. Thanks for all the amazing memories. Love you.

  • Jeff was a great friend of mine. Sadly he meant much more to me than I realized. Now there is a big hole in my life where he used to be. When he was here in maui we used to sit out on the porch of his dream home on the golf course and talk music, sports and big ideas!
    He was I unique guy that I really enjoyed. He marched to his own drummer. You couldn’t help but respect the man…. So upbeat and positive all the while his cancer was taking him down. Never complained. Always Mr.Positive! Constantly making big future plans for home improvement on his dream home here in Maui. Every time he came over he had a project that he planned to complete while he was here. And he made it his business to get it done. Worked right on through without complaining whatsoever about his condition. He was one tough cookie.
    He seemed to live his life based on “the golden rule”.
    He always treated others like he would like to be treated himself…..

    With Jeff, the glass was always half full.

    One of my fondest memories of Jeff was when he put together a night out for all of us to go see the “Big Bad Voodoo Daddies”.
    Jeff went all out. He got himself a pin stripe suit and vest. And hat as well. He captured the spirit of the event! Shaena had a matching crazy outfit. They were the dynamic duo walking around together in the lobby. Very cool! Very fun!
    Very Jeff! Always a free spirit…
    Man I really miss the guy….
    No one else like him!
    It’s painful for me now to go over to his dream home knowing how he put his heart and soul into it
    and knowing he won’t be coming back to work on another project.
    I miss you Greatly, Jeff.
    You made this world a better place for everyone you touched!!
    Thank you for all the great memories….
    Love you, Man, keep on rockin…..

  • Baby it’s been over a year! I still miss u incredibly! My heart misses our talks, our cuddles, our normal day in day out things we did living a life together. U made me feel safe and loved. Sometimes picking up the pieces of a life u loved is the hardest thing to do. We were so happy and stayed that way even through cancer. We were so optimistic! I hope when u see me u are proud of me and all I carried after u left. All the people u told me who would betray u certainly did. It’s amazing what people do when someone dies. All the takers that didn’t have anything to do with u while u were sick. All the thieves that were most likely jealous of u while u lived, just makes me shake my head and understand u even more. I now know why u trusted hardly anyone. And finally now I know why u wanted to move away to an island to get away from absolutely everyone. I’m only glad u weren’t here to see it. The lies they wrote on a fake gofundme saying u were “mental” all for money. I want u to know that although these years have been hard I have never wavered in my commitment to u to do what is right! To handle your affairs as u asked. To fight for u when u no longer have a voice. Love doesn’t end at death but continues on. I’ll love u forever and will be loyal to u. Even if God brings me someone else, u will go with me. You were and are such a beautiful person baby. You and your huge heart, best sense of humor and amazing intelligence are just a few of my favorite things about u. I picture u happy in Heaven cheering me on. And I hope u get the kisses I ask Jesus to allow in Heaven from me.

    Forever your girl,
    Shaena ❤️

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