02/03/1970 - 08/23/2021
Service Date: 09/11/2021
Service Time: 11 AM
Service Location: Gilbert Memorial Park 2100 East Queen Creek Road Gilbert, AZ 85297
Visitation Date: 09/11/2021
Visitation Time: 10 AM
Visitation Location: Gilbert Memorial Park

“Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.”


Francisco Raul Trujillo, 51, of Gilbert, Arizona, departed us on Monday, August 23, 2021.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, September 11, 2021, at Gilbert Memorial Park, 2100 East Queen Creek Road, Gilbert, AZ 85297, with visitation beginning one hour before the service at 10:00 a.m., after the services we will have time for refreshments and reflection.

Francisco was born February 3, 1970, the son of Francisco Alvarado Trujillo and Rosa Linda Gonzalez. Francisco grew up in Queen Creek, Arizona. He attended school in both Queen Creek and Chandler, Arizona. He proudly worked for Dillard’s Distribution Center in Gilbert, Arizona for 28 years, which is a testament to his loyalty and work ethic.

Francisco was foremost an honorable man. His world revolved around his two sons, Thomas, 24, and Joseph, 22. He held the title of father with the greatest of pride. His sons would describe him best as an amazing father, and a true family man.

Francisco truly believed in creating a life worth living. He was a man of foresight and preparation. He believed in honesty, and doing the right thing. His nephews called him Iron Man. We like to think not only because they thought he looked like the comic book icon, but rather because he also embodies the qualities of a hero.

Francisco believed in truth, honor, and faith. He held himself to the high standards of these qualities. He constantly displayed strength to his sons. He exuded faith to his family and his country. His path was honor and integrity. So, we could learn many lessons from him but none more important than, we’ll never stand more heroic than through the eyes of our children.

His family discovered his sentimental side while packing up his belongings. He valued not possessions but valued life and the people he loved in it. One immediately could tell by all the photographs he saved of loved ones. His love for his boys is reflected in every art work he proudly stored. He held on to greeting cards from loved ones, postcards from his aunt. Every birthday card from his mother Linda and his siblings, Amanda, Lovida, Sarah, and Raul some dated as far back as 1994. Among the things found were even the boys’ Home Depot aprons from when he would take them to do workshops on the weekends. He cherished mementos, like art from his younger siblings. One from his sister Lovida dated back to 1987. He was very nostalgic. He held onto his kindergarten report card from 1976. He even saved his autograph booklet from 1983. Due to his love of music, it would make sense that he saved every cassette tape and CD he ever had or made. He was smart, clean, organized, prepared, funny, charismatic, and well, very cool. Truly an amazing father to his boys. They couldn’t have asked for a better man. He will always live in our hearts.

You will be missed deeply. We love you.

Until we meet again.


  • Crystal De La Cruz

    It was a pleasure working with Francisco. His spirit, sarcasm, theories, stories and presence will be greatly missed.

  • Frank,you will truly be missed? we’ve worked with one another for over 20 plus year’s . I’m so grateful that these last couple of years we got to have so many different conversations of the world and you had so many conspiracy stories ? you were a hands down father and very proud of your son’s ❤️ Dillard’s will always remember you frank ..you will be missed?

  • It’s hard to accept that such a good man, with such a wonderful soul, had to leave us so soon. He was greatly loved & respected and will be deeply missed. May he rest in eternal peace.

    Your memory will be our keepsake
    With which we will never part
    God will have you in his keeping
    And we have you in our hearts

    My deepest condolences to his sons, his family and all of those who loved him.

  • Deepest sympathy for your loss

  • Frank was a good man and a good friend… and he will be missed. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • To the family of Frank. My deepest condolences for your loss. Frank will be deeply missed he was an awesome young man that I’ve known for many years going back to when we were in high school. I have many memories with him that will never be forgotten. may you Rest In Peace my friend. Love always , Tony

  • Trujillo Family
    Wishing you
    Peace to bring comfort
    Courage to face the days ahead
    and loving memories
    to forever hold in
    your heart.
    Francisco will be greatly missed
    Peace be with you
    Amy & Alan Rady

  • Sincere sympathy to the Trujillo family. We will miss Francisco very much. He was like a member of our family. He took pride in his work and his life. A shining example of good.

  • My condolences to Frank’s children and family. It has been 15 years but, I have never forgotten him.

  • Nancy & Bob Howard

    Francisco was passionate about many things… his sons, this United States and Freedom. That made him a Warrior for Truth. Sir Knight. He was special.
    I heard these words spoken by a man I believe is close to God.
    To quote, “Set yourselves apart from this corrupt generation. Be Saints. You were not made to fit in. You were made to stand out.” -Jim Caviezel
    * Francisco R Trujillo stood out.
    We will miss him deeply.

  • I can’t believe I’m reading this. Fransisco came to the hair salon I work at- not to me- but was loved by all of us! We knew him for over a decade and saw him every other week. He was always so kind to us, always complimenting us and joking around. I don’t think I ever saw him in a bad mood and he always lightened up the salon. He was a wonderful human being and has a special place in Heaven, I am sure of that! So sorry to his family who will surely miss him, as will we.

  • Tony and Kim Sucato

    We will truly miss Francisco. He was very special to our family. We send condolences and love, especially to his boys.

  • Francisco aka “Cisco”,
    I’m still having a hard time excepting that you’re gone… although I’m thankful you’re no longer in pain, & it was in Gods timing for you to be with him.
    I’m missing your contagious smile, random texts, funny sense of humor, deep conversations, guidance, “MD”, wisdom, hugs, your delicious food & lending ear to my problems. I think it’s safe to say, you were my Best Friend. You’ve seen me smile, laugh, cry and never judged but put me in my place when I was over reacting. Thank you for all the great memories, I will cherish and hold on to them forever.
    Love you Chowder ❤️
    Deepest condolences to your handsome boys Thomas & Joey. I know your dad will continue to look over you.

  • Sinceerest condolences to Francisco’s sons and family
    I worked with The Cisco Kid along with an amazing team at The Dillards dc I found Francisco to be a pleasure to know and work with I recall that he loved cooking for his sons I once gave him my recipe for Italian marinara sauce which he often used once he mastered it. He would share his creations with me which made me so proud and happy that he found such pleasure in his accomplishments Rest In Peace in heaven my friend

  • So sorry to hear of his passing. Although it’s been years since I worked with him, I remember him having a great smile and sense of humor. He took his job seriously and worked hard.

  • Bubba, I couldn’t wait for us to have a “let byegones be byegones” conversation. But I guess we did it in our own way. The last time I saw you was right before you departed us, when you walked into the house and I had Mazzy Star’s Fade Into You playing. Which so happened to be the album you bought me, you looked straight at me with a smirk and I laughed. That’s when I said, I did not queue this song to play, that’s when you laughed and said, yeah right. I love that moment. On Christmas Eve, when I said how happy I was that you came over as I caressed your arm and said, I’m glad things aren’t awkward, then you responded with a huge grin and said, you touching me is awkward. HA! Another favorite moment. You always had such a great sense of humor. I was always so proud that you were the father of our boys. I didn’t realize how safe you made me feel, just knowing you were always there. Thank you for always reassuring the boys that you would always take care of me. I honored you in the same way. I felt you, and felt how proud you were of me. I will always help honor your memory. I’m still so heartbroken and I don’t think it will ever change. I’ll be sure to hold our boys tight when they miss you, cause they do. I’ll hold onto your legacy of being a great family man. I’ll keep us safe. Promise. I know you are in great hands, especially because without a doubt you are so deserving. “I Miss You a Little”, We love you. Rest Easy.

  • I am so sorry and saddened to hear about Cisco’s passing. I feel awful I didn’t know. He was such a good friend of mine and my children. He’s left us with lasting memories and lessons. He truly was one of my best friends in life. I am so sorry he is gone. We loved him.

  • Wishing you a happy birthday. I really wish I could tell you to your face. Now you know the secret to life. I miss picking your brain and thoughts on what you thought about life and after life. I know that if it were possible, you would come and tell me. Just like anything new of importance I’d tell you. I really miss talking to you even if it was briefly. I’m so thankful for the last conversations we had. I really did feel like you and I had a connection like we were family. Family from a distance and that’s why I’ll never forget you. Until I see you again and I pray to do.

  • Happy Birthday Francisco! I miss you so very, very much… Every, every single day. You were the most amazing man I’d ever known.. from teenage years to adulthood (I can hear you now saying “that’s true”, lol). I will always be grateful for the memories.. o..O..O… ily. Always. Always…

  • Today I thought of you and looked you up and saw this ? like so many other times you were my friend through so many of my life’s challenges! You were my Arizona friend and I was your NM friend just odd how we met but glad I got to meet you and always telling me of you know who lol my deepest condolences to the boys who I never met but your dad spoke so highly of you! God bless you all, your dads new mexico friend

  • I couldn’t believe when I heard the news. Cisco, my friend, boss man!

    I’m sorry I didn’t know sooner. I’m in disbelief. Cisco – the wise 1 I always called him. He always spoke deep, but still liked to joke around. A really good guy.

    I’m so sorry to his family & everyone who loved him. Diane I know you’ll always honor his memory. It’s well deserved. Charlotte, I can’t even imagine. And his sons Tom & Joey – he mentioned you often & spoke so highly of you all.

    My deepest condolences to all of his loved ones. Rest easy bud.

    Man, I’m so sorry everyone. God Bless.

  • I made ceviche yesterday & thought of you.
    Can’t believe a year went by today …
    wishing this was all a dream. Small clips of memories of you go through my head often. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. So many times I needed you, wanting to hear your advice or even just one of your Bear hugs.
    Please continue to watch down on me.
    Love you & Still missing you my buddy ??

  • One year. Went fast. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think of you or talk to you. I miss you. I miss you laugh, your loud voice and strong presence. My boys and I were remembering fun times and lessons with you today. They miss you too. You were the only strong male presence in their lives and they miss you. You for sure have all the answers now Cisco. My wise old man. I’ve always loved you and always will.

  • I think of you often remembering all the advice you gave me, listening to the many songs you would dedicate to me lol listening to Yellow by Coldplay omg takes me back to when you came to visit! I remember you saying to always remember me when this plays well my friend I Do!!

  • I don’t miss you like a tear drop.

    I miss you like the whole rainstorm.

  • 2 years ago today…. and still time has not healed ?

  • Diane Martinez

    Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. I wish I could speak to you.

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