04/20/1931 - 11/22/2023

We want to embrace Mom’s life with our memories through her ninety-two years on this earth from beginning to end.  From the first day Mom graced this world with her birth to the day she closed her eyes and breathed her last.

Born on what is now the Keith Pratt farm, located on Pratt Road, Hop Bottom, PA. Mom was the third of five children: Keith, Evelyn, Mom, Bernice, and Leroy (James). The children of Kenneth Lord Pratt and Anna Mabel (Robinson) Pratt.

She married our Dad, Philip Louis Myers, on November 4, 1951 at Sampson AFB, New York. A wonderful memory of Mom’s is that she saw Dad at the Sampson Base Exchange and she said she knew that day, she was going to marry him…love at first sight.

The five of us joined the picture soon after, Phil, Steve, Donna, Marty, and Little Bit (Sharon) bringing up the rear.

Over the next seventy-two years Mom welcomed, loved and cherished five children, fifteen grandchildren and thirty-three great grandchildren.  The last, Lou Elizabeth was born November 4, 2023.  And Mom kept Hallmark in business because she never forgot a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, sending cards to all of us.

Mom was born and raised in the small town of Hop Bottom, PA, but she did love to travel, and was always up for an adventure.  During our Dad’s military career, we were able to travel to England, and it is there they met Jim and Margaret Vincent in 1959, becoming fast friends even taking turns for visits every four years.  That friendship lasted over seventy-four years.  Very few of us are blessed with a friendship lasting that long.  The military travels also took her to Texas and several locations in New England.

Mom left this world in Arizona, her adopted home that she loved on the morning of November 22, 2023.  Mom’s little quote, “don’t say goodbye, just say so long.”

When a loved one passes, of course it will bring sadness and tears, our Mom would rather we celebrate her ninety-two years of living and not the one day she left us.

Mom made specific requests and asked we respect her wishes in death as we did in life.

“I want to be cremated and my ashes sprinkled to the earth at the farm where I was born. I do not want a funeral but a memorial service on the day my ashes are spread.”

“I do not want flowers, in lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the charity of your choice.”

We all have memories of our mother.  Memories that have always been constant.  We hear them in a whisper and see them in our thoughts.

When we were young Mom would come to our room at bedtime, give us a kiss and say our prayers.

Birthdays were special when we were living at home.  Not for the presents but for the dinner.  Our favorite dinner and dessert.  No store bought here all homemade.  Mom made the best pies.  The crust would just melt in your mouth.

Mom taught us humility and honesty.  Above all, Mom was devoted to her family.

With Mom’s passing memories are what we hold dear.  Remembering what made us smile, laugh, cry, and learn.  For ninety-two years our mother graced this earth, and now she returns to the earth with the same grace.

So please feel free to share a memory of Elizabeth, Ziddy, Liz, Mom, Grandma, Neenie. etc. 

Mom will love it.


  • Sheila (Mangan) Mason

    Aunt Liz the love 💕 she gave us was the most precious gift of all, she never forgot our birthday, always was happy to be together, I remember many times we had together both in Somerville and Beaver Cove! May she rest peacefully, and be with her forever love, Uncle Phil.

  • Sharon – sending you and your family the biggest virtual hug!!!

    Such a beautiful tribute to your mother! She is so proud of all of you !

    May those beautiful memories comfort your grieving hearts.

    In your mom’s honor,

  • Bernadette Thompson

    I will miss her sweet and kind smile. She treated me and my family as if her own close relative. I will miss her chocolate pudding pie and black bottom cupcakes. Rest in peace Grandma. Heaven gained a beautiful angel. We love you.

  • Dan & Angie Lemon

    Dan and I were stationed at Williams AFB from 1987 to 1993.
    We had the pleasure of meeting the Myer’s family.
    We have greats memories of holiday and wedding events, but most of all softball.
    Along with Phil, Sharon, Sharon and kids…she welcomed us with open arms, warmth and kindness.
    In our hearts, she will never be forgotten.
    You are all in our hearts and prayers as you say goodbye to a wonderful lady.♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏
    Our cond

  • Theresa White-Lightner

    I loved visiting Sharon’s house and seeing Mrs. Myers. She was so kind and nurturing. I first had ‘crisscrossed potatoes’ at their house. I loved them. Mrs. Myers taught me how to make them! I still make them until today. Thank you for your kindness to that gangly kid!

  • Martha Montgomery

    I called your mom Mimi. She is one of the sweetest woman I have ever known. She passed that gift to you Sharon and she will live on through you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • We moved around with the Air Force a good bit so I didn’t spend much time with Grandma until we moved from Germany to Arizona and my Aunt Sharon and grandparents followed. I remember feeling a little intimidated but loved by Pop Pops, he was tall and did not sugar coat matters. If I were to describe how Grandma made me feel in one word from the time I really developed a relationship with her at about 10yrs old to the last time I saw her while she was visiting and staying at my home in Pennsylvania, it would be CALM. My grandma had a way of inspiring calm. Always supportive and very intuitive, she seemed to know what you needed in the moment and gave encouragement, advice, support etc.. it always ended with a sense of calm. She called me her “Sunshine Girl” as a kid she told me I made her smile. She used that name for me off and on into my adult life, I always liked it and it made me feel special. What more could you ask from a Grandparent? My last and best memory of Grandma is her doing a puzzle with my young children. She took her puzzles VERY seriously and so I cringed a little when I watched them bump pieces off the table for the dogs to jump on or put two pieces together that so clearly did not fit. But, she didn’t bat an eye, just kept going and talking to them with her signature CALM. I am hoping it is genetic and kicks in soon 😊. ❤️ your sunshine girl.

  • I will never forget her kindness and infectious smile. She welcomed me with open arms into the Myers family and always made me feel special. I will miss hearing her voice and listening to her stories. I will miss holding her hand and walking with her into her little home made just for her. I will miss her desserts , especially her pies! I feel so blessed to have known her. Heaven certainly gained an angel who will forever be missed.

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