12/31/1943 - 02/15/2024
Service Date: 02/20/2024
Service Time: 12:00PM
Service Location: Gilbert Memorial Park
Visitation Date: 02/20/2024
Visitation Time: 11:00AM
Visitation Location: Gilbert Memorial Park

Captain Ronald Columbo, a veteran of  the Vietnam War and longtime resident of Queen Creek, AZ, passed away on February 15, 2024 surrounded by family. Ron, as he was known to many, was born December 31, 1943 to Louis and Angelina (Pisanti) Columbo and attended West New York Memorial High School before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. He served in the Air Force from February 1963 – May 1984 and retired as a Captain.

The U.S. Air Force recognized Ron for his outstanding Air Force career culminated by distinguished service to the Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center. Ron received his Bachelors of Electrical Engineering at Auburn University, the 12th day of December, 1973 and his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering the 15th day of December, 1978 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Ron was preceded in death by his parents Louis and Angelina, and his siblings Richard, Carol and Diana. He is survived by the love of his life and wife, Keya, his brother Bobby, his daughters Heather Shuttleworth, Jacinda Mosley and Ronda Taylor, as well as 12 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends. His family has organized a memorial service to honor Ron’s life and military service, which will be held at the Gilbert Memorial Park, on February 20, 2024, viewing starts at 11:00 am and services at 12:00 pm.


  • Philomena Toscano

    Our family lost a special member Thursday. May you rest in the arms of our Lord and reap his many rewards. Say hi to everyone for me. My prayers go out to all of your family.

  • Ron was our neighbor for the passed 18 years! He was my hero on more than one occasion. One time there was a big black snake in our yard! Ron came running when he heard the screams. He knew it was not a dangerous snake and immediately picked it up. It was as long as he was! He got rid of it! The other time was when our pet bunnies got loose in the yard and the dog got one. Poor little bunny didn’t make it and upon hearing more screams Ron dashed to my yard and took the bunny from me and gave it a proper burial. He was the best! We will miss his smile and words of wisdom. We are deeply sorry for his family.

  • I mourn the loss of Ron, along with his loving family. I knew Ron as a fellow classic car enthusiast. I always loved spending time with Ron at The Run to the Pines car show where we both showed off our classic Mustangs. He was such a joy to talk to. Knowledgeable about everything. He and my (now 26) son would have long conversations about the history of WW2 and all the machinery and strategies. We will dearly miss Ron and wish Keya and her family our kindest regards.

  • Keya my heart breaks for you and your family. We had SOOO many good times with both you and Ron over the many years at the Mustang Club events, cruising together and hanging out at the Pinetop Car Show, dinners, and hanging out together. I’m sure that Ron is up in Heaven with Donnie and others that preceded him, playing with and racing Mustangs. Will miss him very much!!! Please know that I am there for you for ANYTHING you need. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love You Gal.

  • Ed Cordes- Wayne NJ

    Sending condolences to Ron’s family. I’m an old friend from Guttenberg, NJ where we grew up together. No one could say a bad word about him. May he rest in peace.

  • Doug Beagle & Kim Gustafson

    Kim and I are deeply sadden of Ron’s passing. He was such an honorable man and was always was kind to us. We lived far apart but the miles never were an issue, when we would get a chance to see or talk to Ron and Keya it was always an enjoyable experience. Our deepest condolences to all of Ron’s family. Love you guys Doug & Kim

  • Rest well, “Cous”. You always had a special place in my heart (and my baby carriage, something that was not afforded to anyone else)

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