08/15/1973 - 06/05/2024
Service Date: 06/14/2024
Service Time: 11:00AM
Service Location: Gilbert Memorial Park
Visitation Date: 06/14/2024
Visitation Time: 9:00-11:00AM
Visitation Location: Gilbert Memorial Park

It is with utmost sorrow, we announce the death of Kevin Karst who passed away on June 5, 2024. Born in 1973, Kevin lived a life characterized by authenticity, directness, and an unwavering nonjudgmental attitude. His impactful life journey and unique personality left an indelible mark on everyone who had the privilege to know him.

Kevin was an open book, wearing his heart on his sleeve without apprehension. His manner of directness spoke volumes of his integrity and genuine spirit. Yet, he possessed a remarkable capacity for nonjudgement that endeared him to many. He always believed in the intrinsic good of people and always saw the best in everyone he met.

Some of the core values he passionately espoused were selflessness and the importance of lending a hand to others in need. He held the firm belief that true strength is found not in imposing oneself on others, but in the ability to lift others up. This philosophy guided his interactions with others and he persistently shared this wisdom.

Among his proudest achievements were his loving wife Rany and six children, Alicia, Jordan, Brittany, Nathan, Kayden, and Carter. His mother Sandra, sister Kari and older brother Ken also played a huge role in his life. Kevin took immense joy in his family, and their unity and love are testament to the love and energy he invested into his role as a husband and father. His family was his world, and he cherished every moment spent with them.

Kevin’s legacy is also defined by his mentorship and leadership abilities. He was a beacon of positivity and his influence extended beyond his immediate circle. Many have benefitted from his stewardship and generous spirit. His ornate sense of humor was one of his defining traits; it kept everyone on their toes, always interested in his every word.

Location of service: 2100 East Queen Creek Road, Gilbert, AZ 85297 


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